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Silver City Stone, Cabinetry & Tile

Montana’s premier Commercial & Custom Residential Cabinetry provider

Silver City is a proud partner of Showplace Wood Products, Inc. Showplace offers a unique combination of design flexibility, product quality, expressive creative options and honest real-world value that you will find in no other home cabinetry brand today.

Legend Cabinetry

American Craftsmanship


Ready to make your kitchen your own?


Quartz, Granite, & other popular choices


An array of styles, finishes, & colors


Our extensive selection for your space

Why Choose Us

Diana Oljar

I immediately felt confidence in your knowledge and ability. It was so refreshing to be able to trust somebody to understand what I wanted. I don't think I've ever had such a great customer service experience, especially in the building industry.

Lorrie & Terry Grotbo

Our kitchen remodel with Silver City Stone was the best we’ve ever experienced! We truly appreciated the patience they had with us as we made our decisions. We are so very pleased with the appearance of our new space!

Tony & Becky

We are very pleased we used you to help us in our new home! The customer service we received was exceptional! Thank you for helping us find the right stone for the project. The granite throughout the house is amazing, people have commented on it more than anything else!

Gary & CJ

Thank you very much for your hard work in doing our counter!


So friendly, so professional and so thorough. Could say much more, but bottom line, you are the best company I have ever dealt with on the many commercial and residential projects I've done. Thank you for everything!

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